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Artisan Vinegar + Health

We have been barrel aging vinegars for over 20 years. Our story begins when Co Founder and Master Cooper Pete Bradford traded some of his barrels to an Italian in exchange for some 'mother' which was imported to Canada from Modena, Italy in 1962. This 'mother' is the base of all our vinegars and the rest as they say is history.

What is 'mother' ?

''Mother' is a natural carbohydrate rich source bacteria which is the driving force behind the health benefits found in our vinegars.

Health properties are related to its acetic acid content that exhibits antiglycemic and antidiabetic effects, and to the polyphenols present in it that act as antioxidants.



Research shows that ingesting vinegar such as Canadian Vinegar Cellars

  • Increases satiety to help maintain weight and may also aid in weight loss. Individuals who use vinegar experience greater improvements in weight loss


  • Helps balance blood sugar. Only ½ North Americans have natural blood sugar levels. Vinegar can be a good tool to help balance blood sugar levels


  • Nurtures intestinal health and aids digestion. Vinegar improves your gut micro biome in the large intestine which house about 100 trillion microbes that work to support your health when you have more ‘good’ microbes that feed off fermented products like vinegar


  • Supports a healthy immune system. By improving your gut micro biome = improved immune system. 2/3 of your immune system resides in the gut so ingesting fermented products like vinegar helps support overall immune function
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Canadian Vinegar Cellars is located at Black Prince Winery in Prince Edward County. Our property offers visitors a unique experience with wine tasting, wine by the glass, vinegar tastings, live barrel demonstrations and seasonal dining outside on our patios with wood-fired pizza, wine, beer & cider.


We are open 7 days/week year round. We are an ideal location for anyone looking for a unique County experience. We offer fights of 4 wine tastings including unlimited gourmet fruit & balsamic vinegar sample for $ 10.00 

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